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Wesley Meredith the Republican Welfare King

When the phrase “welfare recipients” is used, people tend to think of poor Black people. We have all heard it before: references to single Black women with a whole bunch of kids as being […]

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Black Gun Club Begins Patrolling Streets

When you are the inherent victims of police brutality, then there has to be a time where you stand up for yourself. People would rather you actually “go to the authorities”. However, that does […]

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I Am Darren Wilson Bracelets – Punk Police Fashion

We all know that the references to Darren Wilson and Michael Brown are getting tired. Yes, the protests have died down slightly (which is expected). We also understand that the police is not waging […]

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Darrien Hunt Was Killed Over a Fake Sword

Darrien Hunt’s name comes at the most inopportune time for Black people in America. With Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, and John Crawford all killed at the hand of the police, it seems […]

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Why Are Black Men The Face of Domestic Violence?

Ray Rice has been getting a lot of coverage as of late. Deservingly so, since he did get caught on tape abusing his then-girlfriend turned into wife. Many felt that he deserved to be […]

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Women Raping Men: The Strange Truth

Whenever I think of the rape culture that permeates within this society, I think of how men help promote the lunacy. It makes me think of that tweet Cee Lo Green produced to justify […]

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Black Women Murdered By the Police

With all the attention on Ferguson, it can be easily said that there is a war waged against our Black males. People can say that I am exaggerating, but the situations do not lie. […]

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Black on Black Crime: The Unending Narrative

Black on Black Crime just keeps creeping back into the consciousness of America. It seems that many people just don’t want to let it go. It reminds me of a stalker like significant other. […]

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Obama Needs to Take a Stance on Ferguson

Ferguson has been a hot bed of civil unrest ever since the murder of Michael Brown. If there hasn’t been senseless looting, then there has been heartwarming peaceful protests. The cyber hactivist group Anonymous […]

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Let Us Fight White on White Crime

Have you noticed that white on white crime is rarely mentioned in the lexicon of nationwide epidemics? I understand that “black on black crime” is always the hot topic whenever a black person is […]

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We All Struggle In Life – Plain Truth 42

This post is dedicated to my homeboy that I am “counseling”. Peep every word, sir:

I have made it to post 100!!! Chyeah!!!

Now back to the regularly scheduled program….

A cool cat from my great childhood years in Gary, Indiana reminded […]

Long Distant Loving – Plain Truth 23

It is me or is Marvin Gaye singing his heart out. He even got on his classic skullcap. Touching the hands of so many women in the crowd, you knew they all wanted to be “chosen”. Yet, there are […]

Was Charles Barkley Right About Black People?

By |October 26th, 2014|

Charles Barkley is synonymous with the word “outspoken”. If anyone wants to hear the unabashed opinion of a Black man that made it from the South to be a successful sports mouthpiece, then Charles […]

Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda is Not Taking Power Back

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That damn Nicki Minaj sure does know how to capture a headline. Within this world of questionable virus outbreaks, America practically going back to war, and Peyton Manning breaking touchdown records, I find myself […]